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(document).ready(function() .scrollTo( (headerlogo), 500) ) It works fine in Firefox and IE, but not in Chrome and Opera. Do you have any suggestions how to fix it? This works in Firefox(v18), Opera(v12), Safari(v5.1.2) and even Internet Explorer 9 but it doesnt work in Chrome(v24). Can anybody tell me whats missing here?Tags jquery javascript html jquery-plugins scrollto. I have a problem with jQuery ScrollTo in Chrome, it works good i FF but in Chrome it looks bad. I read posts about it but in my theme code is different i think. use jQuery :) No, I tried what you said, and it works with me on FF, Chrome and IE. Can you post some more code? roel Jan 31 13 at 10:24.Just had an issue with scrollTo not working, also down to the height not being set on the body element. javascript - jQuery scrollTo not working Chrome/Firefox - Stack OverflI wrote sample code in this jsfiddle, it works in Chrome and Firefox. Here is code that I used ScrollTo jquery is not working in firefox but working in both chrome and opera. Any ideas or hack to make it work smoothly in firefox? Something like this: function goToByScroll(id) (html,body).animate(scrollTop: (""id).offset().

top,slow) When I inspected the page and click on Console in Chrome it show this error(window).bind(hashchange, function() var newHash location.hash.substring(1) scrollTo(newHash) ) var newHash/ For when you have to validate an email. Works with black magic. I tried using browser.executeScript(window.scrollTo(0,1000)) which worked in Firefox but not in chrome. Any help will be appreciated. I have also tried below code but didnt work in chrome.

Our webpage ( use JavaScript scrollTo() which works only in specific browsers like Safari or Firefox but not in Chrome (Mac works with everything). I tried to update our template in WP but an error appeared, after I checked official GAEA template https Im working on a Chrome extension that injects content into the tumblr new posts page, which has an element with id tageditor.jQuery scrollTo plugin jumping to top of page in Chrome but not Firefox 2011-02-22. I want to scroll my page to the top and i use this code: it works great in FF but it doesnt do a damn thing in chrome but in it says it should be supported by all major browser. This is the 5th or 6th different jQuery method Ive implemented to make this effect work with no success. The scrollTo method seems to be the closest to working, but it still wont work. It does not work at all on Chrome 42.0.2311.90 It does not work at all on Firefox 37.0.2 It does work on Safari In chrome opera no working function scrollto. In firefox working. I dont know in what a problem. Thanks for help. Google chrome is currently the most popular web browser for PC. So, Logically, You do scroll up and down most in this browser. But, Have you ever experienced that scrolling is not working properly in chrome? but somehow this does work in safari/chrome: (body).scrollTo(link1), duration : 750) Works fine in Firefox.Im using scrollTo and localScroll on a couple of sites and its working perfectly in all browsers except for Google Chrome. Resources URL cdnjs 1. jquery.scrollTo-min.js remove. Paste a direct CSS/JS URL. Type a library name to fetch from CDNJS. I have used a scrollTop function in jQuery for navigating to top, but strangely the smooth animated scroll stopped working in Safari and Chrome (scrolling without smooth animation) after I made some changes.If you want to animate scrolling, try the scrollTo plugin for jquery. which is fine, but as i said, its not working on mobile devices. The solution?Thanks to the navigator.userAgent we know the device and discriminate the if-else. scrollTo cant use fancy animations like jquery animate, but it does the job. it worked in Chrome (the browser he uses sure enough) but not FF and I dont even know about IE.My scrollto performance in these browsers is killing me and the same on any computer. I have a website with horizontal scroll. It works in Firefox but not in Chrome.Any idea why its not working in Chrome? Main JS file: jquery1.8.2.min.js. horizontal scroll javascript: / jQuery. ScrollTo - Easy element scrolling using jQuery - Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Ariel Flesler - aflesler(at)gmail(dot)com i have a precision touchpad in my dell laptop.dont know if its a problem in chrome,sometimes the scrolling feature in my laptop touch pad suddenly stops working.when i close and restart the browser it works.this doesnt happen in any browser or other application. setTimeout(function() window.scrollTo(0, number), 1000).But it still doesnt work in chrome when data saving is on. It just shows the first frame. Tried reloading with 5 different methods. Introduction The jQuery scrollTo plugin provides a smooth scroll effect for navigating within a page.Issue If the target specified for scrolling is a CSS class/id applied to the HTML body tag, then the smooth-scroll does not work in webkit based browsers like Chrome, Safari and Dolphin (mobile Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. jQuery ScrollTo does not work in Chrome.Heres the link to a demo page. This works in Firefox(v18), Opera(v12), Safari(v5.1.2) and even Internet Explorer 9 but it doesnt work in Chrome(v24). guest on Chrome Extension: Run Content Script before any Embedded Scripts run on Page. guest on Pickling errors when using multiprocessing.One thought on scrollTo not working complicated view. window.scrollTo(0,0). This works in all the other tabs (in chrome browser), except the tab which had office 365 page in it. This is just plain javascript function. What am i missing? And window.scrollTo(0,0) should work for sure.yesterday in which browser u check if you check in chrome then you see after go to top the dromdown is selected.after page index change i focus in the drop down. thats why page go to top after AsyncPostBackTrigger. If you want to animate scrolling, try the scrollTo plugin for jquery httpJquery Scrolltop Not Working In Chrome Lets work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Jquery Window Scrolltop Not Working Do n and n3 have the same set of digits? Here I will explain a workaround to get rid of the problem. MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback not working in Firefox and Chrome browsers.window.scrollTo(0, scrollY) So I implemented the jQuery scrollTo plug-in yesterday, and all is working fine in Chrome, Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox. Console-logging is enabled - no errors displayed. It seems the function for scrolling does execute, but I dont see any scrolling happening. I have another one today, So I implemented the jQuery scrollTo plugin yesterday, and everything works fine in Chrome, Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox. Console logging is enabled - no errors are displayed. / jQuery.ScrollTo Easy element scrolling using jQuery.Then you may find on Chrome 61, the page refuses to scroll. The solution, I found was to use these CSS classes for HTML and BODY. Tags: javascript jquery html jquery-plugins scrollto.This works in Firefox(v18), Opera(v12), Safari(v5.1.2) and even Internet Explorer 9 but it doesnt work in Chrome(v24). Can anybody tell me whats missing here? The smooth scrolling add on is not working for in my website or on the serif add on page above when I view in chrome, I tried Explorer and edge and it still works there.Or they are not visible (I can see the jquery.scrollto.js in the site managers file tab.) jQuery scrollTo not working Chrome/Firefox scrollTo - Github) to give a nice smooth animated scroll. I also have not had access to a computer with IE. jquery. scrollTo - Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery. horizontal scrolling not working in safari 6? This site works for me in Chrome 59 and 60. It also works on IE. However, it does not work in Beta 61, or Canary. I am able to reproduce this every time.Seems it is related to sites using the old versions of scrollTo this was fixed when we last attempted to ship this feature: https jQuery scrollTo not working Chrome/Firefox. javascript,jquery,html,google- chrome,scrollto Forgive me if this has been asked, but Ive been searching all day on here and have not seen any question relating to my specific problem. scrollTo is not working with the latest Chrome update.shenbagadeviks Are you using the latest version of scrollTo on your site? I saw the same issue with Chrome 61 until I updated to the latest versions While browsing random sites on stumbleupon, Ive found a fair number of sites that I cant scroll with the mousewheel in Chrome.In this particular page, scrolling works fine in FF/IE, so it must be something to do with my particular extensions. These are the extensions I have active currently . it works great in FF but it doesnt do a damn thing in chrome but in it says it should be supported by all major browser. What am i doing wrong? I have a script that counts to a number when i scroll to an element, but it stopped working in Chrome/Firefox for no reason, however it works fine in Edge.Try updating your jQuery source file. You are implementing the scrollTo interface through jQuery by using scrollTop(). google chrome ios javascript jquery mobile chrome. window.scrollTo not working in iOS chrome.Chrome: window.print() print dialogue opens only after page reload (javascript). text-transform:uppercase bug in Google Chrome v.22. They have some smart cookies working there and they definitely have a major plan for Chrome and Chromium, and it doesnt involved you using this headless browser for automation or other background activities. The reason Google removed the scrollbar and the ScrollTo function hardly works But when I tried to use like element.scrollTo(), it works in Chrome and throws error in Edge. I feel it should not work in both the browsers. Does this mean Chrome has implemented it for elements in WebKit? But for the whole page these properties do not work as intended. In Chrome/Safari/Opera if theres no scroll, thenwindow.scrollBy(0,10). The method scrollTo(pageX,pageY) scrolls the page relative to the document top-left corner. Its like setting scrollLeft/scrollTop. Since very recently we noticed that the scrollto function stopped working in Chrome (Windows it does work in Chrome on Mac though!!) for our one-page website, i.e. the menu is not working (clicking on a menu item is not bringing you to the appropriate place on the page). It works fine in Chrome 60 and other browsers. We are using jquery-1.7.2 and jquery. scrollTo-1.4.2. Please let us know the workaround from Chrome 61. Explore jquery, scrollto, chrome and more!Technical articles for working with .NET, ASP.NET, and Visual Studio, as well as development best practices. Cant get scrollTop() to work in both Chrome Firefox.UITableView scrollToRowAtIndexPath not working for last 4. objective-c,ios,cocoa-touch,uitableview, scrollto, How do I get the offset().

top value of an element without using jQuery? But then that content is hidden under the navigation bar. So I try to solve this problem with JavaScript scrollTo(). My solution works fine with Firefox and Opera but not in Chrome.Any ideas how to fix this issue in Chrome?

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