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Lets take a look how to setup the application and use two numbers in WhatsApp at the same time.Transfer Photos, Contacts Between Android and iPhone with Send Anywhere App. Hope you like our tutorial on how to use Dual / Two WhatsApp on iPhone Without Jailbreak Most iPhone users rely on jailbreaks for extra features. But using this dual Whatsapp iPhone, Easy to use two different phone numbers on the same iPhone is entirely possible. Unarguably WhatsApp is the king of messaging application at the present time and almost anyone who uses Android phone or iPhone is sure to have this application installed.So just follow the guide below to be able to use two numbers on same device with WhatsApp. Use Same WhatsApp Number on 2 or More- Information Lord.Two Whatsapp On iPhone Without JailBreak Dual Whatsapp. /2/2013Hello Is it possible to add 2 numbers in whatsapp within same device ? it is possible in iphone , what about android ?! If you have already verified WhatsApp, then delete your current number from WhatsApp by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it back.iPhone: Click on the 3 line icon which is located in the top left corner of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. I downloaded whatsapp for Ipad but now realized that its synchro, as my mobile is off I cant reach whatsapp on Ipad. Question: Is it possible to use whatsapp on Ipad without an active mobile? I would like to use the same number as before on Iphone if possible. Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.Try this app to access 2 WhatsApp accounts on 1 iPhone and 1 WhatsApp accounts on 2 iPhones Is video wich tusi dekh sakde ho kive same number naal 2 whatsapp account use kite jaa sakde han without computer no root android device and no jailbreak ios devices ANDROID USER :- WHATSSACN FOR WHATSAPP use kar sakde han MESSENGER 7 days trail hai Subscribe channel Heres a quick and easy guide to use the same WhatsApp account on two different devices while keeping the same mobile number.The whole procedure is fast and simple and works on many different mobile platforms (Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.). Now Install WhatsApp again on your Phone and Register them with your New Number on Official WhatsApp. Do the Same Process for 3rd and 4th Number also, if you wanna use more.3 whatsapp on iphone.

First I will be showing you guys the procedure to achieve multiple WhatsApp accounts in android smartphone and then I will write about the same for iPhone.Install the OG WhatsApp application and make sure that your enter the mobile number which you used in the official WhatsApp. Step 2: On your new iPhone, after installment of WhatsApp, log in with the same phone number through verification. You will be promoted to restore your chat histories, and the last step is to tap the confirmation button. But to get the second WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will have to trust an outside source.Most iPhone users rely on jailbreaks for extra features. But WhatsApping using two different phone numbers on the same iPhone is entirely possible. Official site states that, you cannot activate/verify one whatsapp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers.Enable the Request Desktop Site feature to start using the same whatsapp account on different Android/ iPhone.

With that out of the way and now without wasting any further time, lets get up and running with the second instance of WhatsApp on the same iPhone. Step 1: Download and install WhatsApp on your iPhone from the iOS App Store the usual way. Activate it using your main phone number. Follow below steps carefully to get it download two whatsapp accounts on same iPhone device without jailbreak. Stage 1: deploy and Download WhatsApp in your iPhone from the iOS App store the method that is typical. Trigger your primary telephone number being used by it. /15/2014Hey Guys, is there any way to run Whatsapp on my Galaxy S2 and iPhone4s at the same time?! phone. how to use whatsapp on two devices with the same number with to use 1 Whatsapp Account in 2 Android Phones, Whatsapp account on 2 android phones. After reading this post, you can be able to use Multiple(2) Whatsapp accounts on same mobile with 2 different numbers.Download OG WhatsApp to use 2 WhatsApps or Dual WhatsApp Accounts on Android, iPhone Where in this method You need to install the application which is same as whatsapp on the second device. Check below steps for more details.Also Read: How to Easily Create Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number (Without Sim). I am using WhatsApp on my iPhone 6 now but I dont know how to change my phone number.You may have the same problem with the above users when you use a new phone number for your new job or a new city and want to give up your old phone number . This means you will be able to activate two individual phone numbers with two totally unconnected WhatsApp Messenger accounts running on the same iPhone. If the new owner of your old number activates WhatsApp on a new phone after 45 days, all of your account information tied to that phone number will be completely deleted. Same type of phone. After this the entered number needs to be verified and after verification use dual WhatsApp account in the dual SIM Android phone now.Now we have successfully installed second whatsapp account in the same iPhone/iPad. A lot of people go through the same dilemma, especially when they buy a new phone and dontNow on your new iPhone, install WhatsApp.Login with your phone number. But, all the users doesnt wish to use WhatsApp with a phone number and most of the iPhone, iPad, tablet, Nokia, , Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone users are looking forward to using this WhatsAppIs there anything you can do to help me to start an acount on the same number . However, when I login into one devices with 1234 , my 2nd iphone phone will log out and need to enter the activation code.How could I open whatsapp on 2 iphone with the same number at the same time ?Thanks for your answer. Unlike other things like facebook or messenger, you cannot create two different whatsapp account from the same number as well as you are not officially allowed to haveRun 2 Whatsapp On iPhone/iPad :- Whatsapp Features. So, lets now have a look at the features of the thing that I am going to show you. Once thats done, you can have the same WhatsApp account on 2 or more devices. I currently use it to sync my second phones WhatsApp to my main phone.Open whatsapp on iphone, put in the original number from iPhone and activate again." Sure can, Whatsapp will just take over the new number, you just cant use both at the same time, but it can associate with the new SIM and abandon the old one, and then do the reverse when you return home.« WhatsApp for iPhone finally gets iOS 7 refresh | Whatsapp suddenly has a black screen ». How to clone whatsapp on iphone | run 2 whatsapp accounts on same iphone ios 8 latest tweak. By Tips.Once I register a numer with a slice, all the remaning slices use the same number. Is that how it is supposed to work? If you have a number attached to WhatsApp, delete your number from the app by uninstalling and the reinstalling the app. Below are 2 tested methods to activate and use WhatsApp on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone without phone number.

1. Restore WhatsApp Messages from WhatsApp iCloud Backup. 1). First Make Backup on Old iPhone.Step 2. Install WhatsApp > Verify your phone number > Tap Restore Chat History. Note: You need to log into the same Apple ID on both iPhones. How to Change Phone Number in WhatsApp on iPhoneFirst, go and open the WhatsApp on your iPhone.Tap on the settings icon. You should find this at the bottom of the app. After that, click/tap on Start WhatsApp Chat. 3. This step is different for PC/Mac browser and Android/ iPhone browser.5. Next, in WhatsApp, select the Calls tab and tap on the i icon next to the same number you dont want to save. Unlike the contact number, the WhatsApp profile picture can be given a layer of protection.Thanks to the security checks in iOS, iPhones are exempted from this.Yes, you can run multiple WhatsApp accounts from the same phone. If you are facing contact issues in WhatsApp on your device, then you will need to do something about it or the issues wont be resolved.Try these fixes and these should help you resolve contacts issues in WhatsApp on iPhone/Android. iPhone 6s Plus 10.2. Posted January 30, 2016. WhatsApp clone? yupPP but i want to use 2,3,4infinite whats app with a same number which is not possible. Share this post. Link to post. iPhone.Follow the given steps carefully to install and use whatsapp without an actual number. The steps to do the same are : Step 1. Firstly you have to download whatsapp messenger in your Android device and install and launch it. This tutorial shows you how to use a single WhatsApp account on multiple different Android phones with the SAME number without constantly logging in and out! After verifying the same phone number that used to make the backup, youll be allowed to restore WhatsApp chat history from iCloud. Solution 3: Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Media between Android and iPhone. 1. Here the same with restore from iCloud backup, youd back up your new iPhone first.STEP 2. To restore WhatsApp conversation to new iPhone: Install WhatsApp > login with your phone number and youll be prompted to restore your chat conversation. I installed it and used my second number for whatsapp and my private number is used in the original WhatsApp!Its philosophy is similar to that of OGWhatsApp, an app to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time by replicating the software and making your [] Hope you like Use Same WhatsApp Number on Two Phones Simulatneously tutorial!Can you do with two iPhones? Or does it only work with Android? Whatsapp 2 Numbers Same Iphone - how to install two whatsapp on iphone or ipad 2017 - youtube. finally the guide is here! detailed guide is here : https: informationlord two-phone-with- same-whatsapp-number this is the whole on request on my . this tutorial shows you how to use But once these tricks work then you can run more than two whatsapp accounts on the same phone.Now launch your new whatsapp app and Register using other number. So this was how to use two whatsapp in iPhone. A developer on the XDA Developers forum resolved the issue by creating an application that allows the use of two numbers simultaneously on WhatsApp.But the real problem arouse when I tried to install OGwhatsaap again. same message appeared again. Similarly, running the same WhatsApp number on two devices was a tad difficult till WhatsApp Web showed up.Apple fixes Telugu bug across iPhones, Watch and other devices. Airtel offering Rs 2,000 cashback for Nokia buyers. But did you know that you can set up dual WhatsApp accounts, and use them both on the same phone?phone requires a dual-SIM phone - WhatsApp uses the phone number as your identity, and detects this via an SMS or call, so it has to be a phone with two SIM cards, which also out any iPhone. How to Use Whatsapp with USA Number. Congratulation!!, You will see your new free virtual number for whatsapp on screen.I really would like to have it working for me. I use an iPhone. Does the app works only in some countries or phones ? I really need answers because its frustrating knowing it When we open the app it asks to scan whats app but how can i scan the screen when it is on the same screen of phone on which i want 2 whatsapp number to work.Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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