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Then ElseVBScript Basics, Part 3 | If - ElseIf - Else - Then Statements - Продолжительность: 9:36 SimplyCoded 32 967 просмотров. VBScript in a Nutshell by Ron Petrusha, Paul Lomax, Matt Childs.If condition Then [statements] [ElseIf condition-n Then [elseifstatements] [ Else [elsestatements]] End If. Or, you can use the single-line syntax goto Connect. else. wscript.echo "connected" wscript.exit. endif.VBScript is a structured language without GoTo instruction, but the On Error GoTo 0 statement. Try something like this: If Not something Then WScript.Echo "not connected" HOME > ASP > ASP/VBScript Condition > ASP/VBScript IFThenElseEnd IF.VBScript Validation. Microsoft Access. MySQL Tutorials.

You can control the flow of your script with conditional statements and looping statements.The following conditional statements are available in VBScript: IfThen Else statement. If the Condition is said to be False, the statements under Else Part would be executed.The syntax of an if statement in VBScript is: If(booleanexpression) Then Statement 1 Statement n Else Statement 1 Statement n End If. If True Then VarName 1 Else VarName 1/0 End If. When you use the full IfThenElse statement, VBScript evaluates an expression only if it is going to execute that expression. If condition Then [Statements] [Else Else-Statements] or.Case sensitivity - the VBScript IF statement will always do a Case-Sensitive comparison: IF "New York" "new york" THEN will evaluate as false. The Revisionist > Software Engineering > VbScript Tutorials > 3. VbScript | If ElseIf Else -Then Statements.This is important because a miss-spelled variable will appear as a separate-new variable to the VbScript. 6 Vbscript - Vbs If Then Else - Stack Overflow There is no If Then for your last Else 2 Vbscript - Tutorialspoint VBScript 6 And As Boolean ByRef Byte ByVal Call Case Class Const Currency Debug Dim Do Double Each Else ElseIf Empty End EndIf Enum Eqv Event.