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You see, I created a bold hover state for the links, and now the menu links shift because of the bold size difference.CSS. ulnavigation list-style-image: none list-style-position: outside list- style-type: none li float: left [B]width: 80px[/B] a font-weight: normal a: hover font-weight: bold. This Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Generator is brought to you by the original "XHTML Coder" and developed by "The Mad Prof." to help budding webmasters add styling to their web pages.Select the Hover Link Font-Weight normal bolder bold lighter Enter other Hover Link Font-Weight 3. CSS shrink on hover. 1. bold font makes width change. 686. Font scaling based on width of container. 2.CSS Hover: Bold changing element size with padding. 9. Center a Font Awesome icon over the image on hover. 2. The CSS3 Fonts specification ([CSS-FONTS-3]) describes the basic controls CSS provides for selecting and using fonts within documents.The fourth rule sets the font-weight to bold, the font-style to italic, and implicitly sets font-variant to normal. Web Style Sheets CSS tips tricks.Most fonts have various styles within the same family, typically a bold and an italic one, often also a bold italic style, somewhat less often a small-caps and in a few cases extra-light/extra- bold or stretched/condensed versions. Line 28 in your CSS menu a:hover padding: 1px you are adding padding which then exceeds the width of container.

Remove the font-weight:bold in your hover. It will continue to choke as long as the anchor link doesnt have bold effect. Ive setup different css classes for hover, link, active and visited.I have problems also with the hover command.