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Facetious - WordReference Forums.facetious language examples. Witty - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. facetious - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com.facetious facetious facetious definition facetiously facetiousness facetious synonym facetious sentence facetious example. Facetious Synonyms Facetious Antonyms Thesaurus. facetious English Spanish Dictionary WordReference. FACETIOUS crossword answers clues definition synonyms. Admin 0 out of 0 based on 0 ratings. 0 user reviews. Facetious English Spanish Dictionary WordReference. facetious and comical. Full list of synonyms (456).facetious and sober. Full list of antonyms (34). Share this picture. 2. characterized by wit and pleasantry exciting laughter as, a facetious story or reply. -- face"tiously , adv. -- face"tiousness , n. facetious adj : cleverly amusing in tone "a bantering tone" facetious meaning, definition, what is facetious: saying things that are intended to be clDont be so facetious! facetious comments —facetiously adverb — facetiousness noun [uncountable]. (comparative more facete, superlative most facete).

(archaic) Facetious.Also Mentioned In. facetiae. Words near facete in the dictionary. Facetious definition: If you say that someone is being facetious , you are criticizing them because they are |facetious - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.

com. For example, if you tell someone: "At least the fire burned down that horribly-designed office building." youre being facetious (and a jerk). Facetious - english-spanish dictionary - wordreference Facetious - translation to spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. facetious - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more.WordReference English Thesaurus 2018 facetious. facetious English Spanish Dictionary WordReference facetious - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation facetious WordReference Dictionary English By having everybodys active itineraries, sometimes our acne treatment regimens can easily slip by the wayside. facetious meaning, definition, what is facetious: not serious about a serious subject, in an attempt to be funny or to appear clever facetiously. facetiousness. Facet - english-spanish dictionary - wordreference.com, Facet - translation to spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Facetious - definition of facetious by the free dictionary, Define facetious facetious. | Marathi | . . Description: Define facetious: joking or jesting often inappropriately : waggish meant to be4. Text link: jostling - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference. Domain: wordreference.com. (Received Pronunciation, General American) IPA(key): /fsisli/. Hyphenation: facetiously. facetiously (comparative more facetiously, superlative most facetiously). In a facetious or flippant manner in a manner that treats serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor. (dated) facet. facetious. [Fowler] Related: Facetiously facetiousness. Example Sentences for facetious. Only Maulo, the camp jester, hurled a facetious comment at the corpse. Facetious definition, not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark. See more.

facetiously, adverb. facetiousness, noun. facetious - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums.facetiously, adv. facetiousness, n. 158595 facete -ious see facetiae. English French - facetious. adj. factieux, comique, plaisantin, amusant. » Examples.English Indonesian - facetious. a. berkelakar: yg suka berkelakar, jenaka. » Examples. facetiously (facetiously). adverb. facetiousness (facetiousness).Word origin of facetious. C16: from Old French facetieux, from facetie witty saying see facetiae. Definition of facetious in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of facetious. What does facetious mean? Information and translations of facetious in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions 2 jocular or amusing, esp. at inappropriate times facetious remarks (C16: from Old French facetieux, from facetie witty saying see facetiae) facetiously adv facetiousness n. Examples of Facetious in a sentence. Do you always have to be so facetious? While Aaron thought he was being funny, he did not realize his remarks came across as facetious. Definition of facetious. 1 : joking or jesting often inappropriately : waggish. just being facetious.a facetious remark. — facetiously. adverb. — facetiousness. Владелец сайта предпочёл скрыть описание страницы. facetious — ADJECTIVE trivially or inappropriately humorous. DERIVATIVES facetiously adverb facetiousness noun. ORIGIN French factieux, from Latin facetia jest Define facetious. facetious synonyms, facetious pronunciation, facetious translation, English dictionary definition of facetious. adj. facetious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word facetious. Definition (adj) cleverly amusing in tone.Sarcasm can be both positive and negative facetiousness is only the positive form. Its a facetious question, but she answers seriously. I could so easily be facetious about this piece of news. I assure you that was a facetious comment about the ostrich caucus. Learners definition of FACETIOUS. [more facetious most facetious]. — used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper.— facetiousness.Facetious Synonyms Facetious Antonyms MerriamWebster,facetious EnglishSpanish Dictionary WordReferencecom, facetious Dizionario ingleseitaliano WordReference,Use facetious in a Define facetious. facetious synonyms, facetious pronunciation, facetious translation, English dictionary definition of[C16: from Old French facetieux, from facetie witty saying see facetiae ]. FACETIOUSNESS. [m2]See main entry: facetious.FACETIOUSNESS — see facetious Merriam-Websters Collegiate English vocabulary. Along with abstemious, facetious is one of two words in the English language containing all five vowels in alphabetical order. Context sentences for "facetious" in French. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. Quotes for Facetious: I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters. Isaac Barrow. facetious - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com. www. wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranwordfacetious. Sarcastic vs Facetious Humans vocally communicate with each other through speech. It is also the basis of the written language by which they communicate with people who are far from them or when English examples for "facetious" - So the husband and wife agreed upon a facetious signal of their own. The final words may also be "get lost" or some other facetious expression. If someone is being facetious theyre being playful with an edge. A knock-knock joke isnt facetious, but if you call it the most advanced form of comedy, youre probably being facetious. 25 synonyms for facetious: flippant, funny, amusing, witty, merry, humorous, playful, pleasant, frivolous, tongue in cheek, comical, jesting, droll, jocular. facetious Dizionario ingleseitaliano WordReference. Use facetious in a sentence facetious sentence examples. Facetious Crossword clue Crossword Nexus. Also try our list of Words that start with facetious, and words that contain facetious, and Synonyms of facetious. Search for words that end with a letter or word You have searched the English word facetious meaning in French factieux. facetious meaning has been search 1502 (one thousand five hundred and two) times till 2/9/2018.

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