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There are many non-Spanish residents in Spain. People come from Germany, Holland, France, the UK and many other countries. After the verb do, use the infinitive without to. Examples: Where does he work? 4. "Where does Martin come from? "He is Scottish." 5."What do you do?" "I am an electrician." 6. It takes me an hour to get to work. How long does it take you? 7.Look at this sentence. a. What is Mr. Blacks profession or occupation? b. What is his position? c. Where does he work? d.

What is he doing now?a. Mr. Graham speaks/is speaking German, French, Italian and Spanish. Just now he talks/is talking to one of his customers, Mr. Lopez. I always (read) books in bed. Bill cant help you. He (work) in the garden. I usually (sit) next to Tom at school.What she do in the evenings? She a teacher at school. Where you live? James not speak Spanish. English. Where does he work? Russian. Где он работает? Last Update: 2014-02-01 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: English. Where does it end? Russian. Чем это закончится? just now. Askers rating. Where Does He Work.A qu te dedicas? and Qu haces? are two common ways to ask What do you do? in Spanish.

It would be the same for what does he work as?. Английская грамматика бесплатно - неправильные глаголы, система английских времён, английские скороговорки и многое другое. Did you know Spanish has the second largest number of native speakers in the world? And that there are more Spanish speakers in the U.S. than in Spain?Spain is where the Spanish language originated, so naturally its the hub of Spanish speakers in Europe. 24. He (not to help) his mother every day. 25. You (to go) to school on Sunday? 26. She (to work) in a shop now? 27. He (to deliver) letters now?— I (to come) at three oclock. 14. Where your cousin (to work)? — He (to work) at a hospital. 15. Your sister (to study) at college? Will he have done this work by 6 oclock?Вправи для закрплення правил modal verbs. 1. You will speak Spanish in another few months. A can C be able B have D ought. He worked closely with them, he spent time as a missionary in Central America so he definitely understands where we come from.Kaine did not grow up in a Spanish-speaking country. Outside of the year he spent with missionaries in Honduras, he has lived in Virginia for most of his adult life He can speak Russian and Spanish.Where do you work? I work all over the Seattle area. This week I am working in Kent. Example: Peter works in a shop, but he work in an office. AnswerThe girls love tennis, but they love riding. What Sandra sell? Mr Nelson speaks Spanish, but he speak German. Where your grandparents live? Work permits for European Union nationals. If you are an EU national you do not need a work permit to work in Spain, you can enter Spain as a tourist and registerIt enables the foreign worker to perform any professional activity throughout the Spanish territory where he has the qualification required. In London you can eat Thai, Portuguese, Turkish, Lebanese, Russian, Polish, Swiss, Swedish, Spanish, and Italian—but where are the English3 1 have you got 2 does he work 3 did you do 4 Have you seen 5 is Dad doing 6 didnt you 7 Has your sister had 8 Have your children got 9 were you By John Bentley. Operated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, the Cultural Ambassadors program recruits and places native English French speakers from the U.SWhat is TEFL? How Does it Work? 10 Best Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad in 2018. 5 Questions 1 actQL 4 2 teach-5 wait 8 police offic 3 profess 6 hairdress-9 lawy mana 7 doctComplete the questions with a question word in the box. what who where how what time how old why how many 3 Spelling of verb -5 1 Where does he work? (RAIN) What DOES your father DO? Hes an architect. (DO) Ron is in London at the moment. HeS STAYING at the Park Hotel.I broke a cup yesterday. Where did that woman keep all her money? I saw Eric in the supermarket yesterday. Mary didnt like her teacher. 5. He member of my group. 6. We in an English class. 7. Unfortunately, they not happy with their progress in Spanish. 8. you a student of English as a second language ?B. 1. Where do the Smiths live? 2. Does Mr. Smith go to work in the morning? Where does each person work? Paula Gonzales is a student, but she has a part-timeOne week he works in the mornings between 6.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m the next week he does afternoons, from.I went to university and studied languages English and Spanish and business administration. Where does he go? Where are you going?I dont have plans to study/work in Latin America or USA.

Which might be more useful If you speak only Spanish, do you think in Spanish? 4. Kirstys doing research work at 13. Pearls a civil servant now. University. 5. Hes working in Turkey as a wind- 14.5. Miss Smith cooks the best feasts. 5. Susans cousin leaves on Wednesday. 6. The Spanish speak Spanish in 6. He loves his new toys. Spain. 1. Where does he work? He works in a language school.B a. ten watter bottles b. insect repellent c. a very warm hat d. new swimsuits e. an umbrella f. a Spanish phrase book g. new ski boots. 6. 1 Where does he work ? He works in a language school. 2 They get up at 6.30. 3 She speaks Spanish and Portuguese. 4 I live in Manchester. 5 We finish school at 4.00. 6 I work in a bank. 7 She has coffee and toast. Пять самых главных английских времен для хорошего понимания английского. speak speaks work works. VISit. TfE lE

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