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Recently, both Apple and Samsung have released the latest and powerful phones to public, which caused many mobile phone users to consider which phone worth to buy. iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are both have the attractive features that can not be ignored. Tags: Apple, comparison, iPhone 6 Plus, phablet, Samsung, samsung galaxy s6 edge plus.Samsung Pay should be available in the US by the end of next month./ ANDROIDPIT. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus: Software and performance. We compared the price, size, camera and other features of the latest iPhones and Galaxy phones to help you find the best smartphone. Related Resources. solved iPhone 6s or Galaxy S6 Edge?Used Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)?Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wi-Fi Huge Problem. solved What should i buy? Iphone SE 16gb VS Samsung galaxy s6 32gb. solved 6s Plus vs S6 Edge. Samsungs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, curved display and all, starts around 780 retail for 32GB of storage, depending on which carrier you buy it from.Editors Recommendations. The best Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers for that stylish Samsung of yours. The 20 best iPhone 7 Plus cases to protect With few similarities and differences the users might be in a dilemma, which phone they shouldBut if question arises to take photos in more challenging lighting conditions, then go for Samsung S6 Edge Plus.Samsung: GSM HSPA and LTE Weight: iphone6: 172 gm Samsung: 153 gm Java features Also what does the Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus have over the Iphone 6 plus?So for the last two years I have had the Iphone 5c and i like it but my contracts coming up and Im debating on switching phones what should I get? in my point of view i think : the winner is "Samsung Galaxy S6 edge". look here and see deference http3d touch in iphone 6 plus. at last its apples iphone , dude just go for it . nowAs for me iPhone is better but you should make a choise from your needs. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Preview: iPhone-Beating Designs. by Mark Spoonauer Mar 1, 2015, 9:38 AM.iPhone X vs.

Galaxy Note 8: Which Big-Screen Phone Wins now. Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: The Choice Is Clear.Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X: Which Flagship Should You Buy? It seems that one of Samsungs latest smartphones (Galaxy S6 Edge) bends, a feature which was until now only associated with the iPhone 6 Plus.You probably paid a lot of money for the device, so dont sit on it and everything should be fine. Samsung Galaxy S6. Apple iPhone 6. Weight.You should also read. Mobile Phones Features. Apple iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X: Which is best for me? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus- 32GB - 64GB - 128GB (Unlocked/SIMFREE).

This works 100 but personally I WOULD BUY A NEW BATTERY. As it only lasts about 3/4 hours depending on usage.iPhone 6s Plus 16GB Smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Home. Compare. Mobile Phones. Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Internal Storage of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edges is 50.0 more than Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Forums. Digital Home Smartphones Help. which phone should i buy iphone 6s or android.Wait few days and see what samsung Galaxy S7 offer you. In Android VS iOS i am with iOS. Apple iPhone 7 Plus.Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Posted: 01 Mar 2015 Market Status: Released.Recent Articles. Whats in my bag for MWC 2018? Best compact phones to buy in 2018. For better or worse, the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the phones that will dominate smartphone sales in 2015.Read more - iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus Review: Which To Buy? What this amounts to are curves on both sides which not only look great, but also offer additional Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Price. From 649 at Apple.To buy the iPhone 6S 16GB outright, youll have to pay a starting price of 649. In the iPhone box youll find Apple EarPods with remote and mic, a lightning to USB cable and USB power adapter, all in addition to the phone itself. Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple with the latest iPhone 6S Plus. The phones differ from each other in many ways. iPhone 6S Plus is the larger model of the iPhone 6S and comes with a 5.5 inch LED IPS display and a pixel density of 401 ppi.

According to the latest in the rumor-mill, which comes from the blog Sam Mobile and serial tech leaker OnLeaks, an unreleased jumbo-sized Galaxy phone is about to increase pressure on Apples 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.Samsungs Galaxy S6 Edge caught in Bendgate of its own. Now when a new phone is released everyone rushes to test whether or not it bends. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a display that bends around the edgesTheir latest test put the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 up against a hydraulic press to see which device bends the most. A deeper look at Samsungs Galaxy S8. In the market for a "phablet"? Or maybe youre just curious about these phone-tablet hybrids. In either case, youre probably aware of both the new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsungs Galaxy S6 (GS6) edge. Windows iPhone Android Windows Phone BlackBerry Mac Web Apps.To find Samsung (Apples biggest rival), you have to travel a little further down the list to fourth position, where youll find the Galaxy Note 5, and fifth, where youll find the Galaxy S6 Edge. If youre hemming and hawing over which of Samsungs new Galaxy S6 superphones to order, let me help break down the major differences so you can(In all reality, everyone should buy a case and glass screen protector if they want to safeguard their investments.) Then theres the Edge software 4) iPhone 6s Plus has more storage than Galaxy S6 edge. For a long time, two of my favorite things about Samsungs Galaxy phones were their removable batteries and support for memory cards. All of the GS6 phones, unfortunately, have fixed batteries and lack memory card slots. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus require two hands to properly operate, with dimensions that trump the 4.7-inch iPhoneWhat sets the S6 Edge apart is that curved display that makes it stand out like a phone in 2015 really should. Its no different than the S6 Edge, but we like it. The S6 edge plus has an extra cost because of its curved edges. I just dont see how someone would want to pay extra for that? To me the curved edges make the phone more uncomfortable to hold.This is correct, my new daily driver is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We hate spam just like you do and will never send you too much email, nor will we ever share your information with anyone. Buy now!We have our own Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) vs Apple iPhone 6 (Plus) camera shootouts in the works. iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung. Smartphones.In terms of build quality, its hard to fault either phone. The Apple-synonymous aluminium of the iPhoneA glimpse thinner than the 6 Plus at 6.9mm, the Galaxy carries over the beautiful build of the S6 Edge, with Gorilla Glass front and back banded by aluminium. Meanwhile, HTCs One M9 has a more traditional form factor, similar to last years One (M8), which should help it fare better. So how easily do they bend? The SquareTrade test reveals that Galaxy S6 edge bends as easily as iPhone 6 Plus. Compared to Samsungs chief rival Apple and its iPhone 6 Plus, which has a smaller 5.5in screen, the S6If, however, you buy phablets for a stylus, expandable storage, removable batteries and long Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review: curves for pleasure, not function Samsung Galaxy S6 review Home Mobile Phones Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Samsung Challenges AppleSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung GALAXY S6 VS iPhone 6 Plus Front Cameras. Using a 16 megapixels f1.9 OIS camera, Samsung GALAXY S6 or S6 edge have one of the best phone cameras in the market. It even out perform Apple iPhone 6 Plus when it comes to low light photography, producing crisp Compare Vivo V7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs. Apple iPhone 6s.TRENDING. OnePlus 6 Leaked Images Show iPhone X-Like Notch. Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 India Launch Set for March 6. Galaxy S6 first look: Inspired by the iPhone 6, but no mere clone.Review: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge lead the Android pack. Samsungs choice: Blingy Galaxy S6 Edge or fatally flawed Note 5.Based on my cursory usage, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge should back up their aesthetics with strong Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or 6 Plus? We check the specs to see how Samsungs latest phablet will compete with Apples big phone.This should help it avoid any Bendgate scandals that took the sheen off the iPhone 6 Plus launch. Difference Between Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.Last updated: February 2018.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone and the September 8, 2013. A close look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Should you buy it?The Galaxy S6 Edge is an excellent phone. In fact, I think its the best phone Samsung has made so far. Its the big battle of the big phones --- which is your best choice, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or iPhone 6 Plus?But the S6 Edge comes with 4 GB of RAM versus the iPhone 6 Pluss 1 GB. So well give the edge to the S6 Edge. Which One Is Better / Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge Officially Unveiled (Pictures) (1) (2) (3) (4).I have also read some reviews on iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6, and think that Samsung Galaxy S6 is better to buy.You should ask yourself which user experience soothe you more.

ContentsWhats new?DesignPowerPriceConclusion Earlier this fall both Apple and Samsung unveiled their flagship smartphones. Thanks to large sizes and next-level capabilities both of these devices can be called phablets by combining the best features from mobile phones and tablets both Samsung has finally released the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to compete with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.Both devices should be able to last for a full day without a charge. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus: Specs table. Just buy what you guys like more. Stop fighting which one is good or poor. But I still prefer android Abu omar, 24 Nov 2015so who is the win iPhone or samsungOfcourse S6 edge Plus.Samsung Galaxy Note5/Galaxy S6, keep your crown! Sad iPhone6s/Plus. When Apple drew back the virtual curtain for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the phones looked the same as previous models— until Apple revealed the specifications and a few astonishing new features like 3D Touch, a faster processorHow to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the iPhone 6s on eBay. What phone is better Iphone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s 2?Can I use Simple Mobile sim cards in Samsung S 6 edge plus T- Mobile locked phones? Should you switch your iPhone 6 for a Galaxy S6 Edge? Heres what the reviews say.Samsungs all-new Galaxy S6 is an excellent competitor to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, according to the early reviews, but what about the Galaxy S6 Edge? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. iPhone 6 - App Opening Speed Test! (4K) - Продолжительность: 7:48 adrianisen 193 122 просмотра.iPhone 6S vs 6S Plus: 6 Things Before Buying! As you can see from the above illustration, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 4, both have the same sensor size and their sensor is around 15 larger than the iPhone 6 Plus sensor. The things that we should carefully examine is the pixel size. Should I buy iphone 6 or samsung s6? Is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge still worth buying in 2017?Which one should I buy: the iPhone 6s or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Like the S6 Edge, Samsungs new phone is made of glass and aluminium. Gone is the cheap plastic casing, the removable battery and the microSD slot. In exchange, the device only weighs 153g, which is lighter than the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy A7 vs. iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 - Which Is Faster (4K). by Smart Innovation 230 views.Using DrollMotion you can download any type of videos from the Dailymotion to your mobile, smart phones, computer in mp4, mp3 formats both in HD and SD quality.

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