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Ubuntu has already an application called Startup Disk Creator, but this can only be used to make Linux bootable USB drives.Please specify --target or --directory. Install the grub-pc-bin package with sudo apt install grub-pc-bin and run the grub-install command again. FreeNAS 11.1 GRUB not loading. How do I boot windows directly in linux windows dual system without grub. How to install grub-mkrescue on Windows 10.I am trying to reinstall with new ubuntu 16.x from USB. Kindly Suggest your ideas You can also use it to re-install Grub 2 when you have misconfigured the boot loader. Requirements.Boot into your live CD/USB and from the first screen, select "Try Ubuntu without installing" Ubuntu Linux bootable USB drive. Very easy to create using Rufus on Windows. I used a cheap, promotional flash drive.Install GRUB2 on the external drives EFI System Partition. Right now our external drive has an empty ESP. Grub2 also supports installation on many operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux distributions and including Windows.

Here I will install Grub2 for USB. In Disk Management is Disk 2, we will remember number 2 here. Is it possible to install grub to a usb drive? I have a computer with xp, vista, and ubuntu on it.Is it possible to Dual-boot while retaining your original Windows MBR but still allows Ubuntu to be booted using a grub-installed usb stick ? We are assuming that you do not have Ubuntu installed on the device.A bootable CD with a relatively newer version (having GRUB2) of Ubuntu ISO burnt on it. A live USB pen drive created using Startup Disk Creator on Ubuntu. Starting with Ubuntu Karmic, Grub 2 is used (for clean installs for now), so THIS how-to on recovering the GRUB no longer works for the new GRUB2.Tips. Create A Bootable USB Stick On Ubuntu With GNOME Disks. A guess as to whats wrong: Looks like an "off-by-one" error on a loop index in grub install when it encounters an existing EFI/ubuntu directory.I havent done much except get rid of the usb boot for Ubuntu -- I was surprised the F12/select HDD/select ubuntu worked for booting Ubuntu, since Reinstall Ubuntu GRUB Boot Loader. 1. After youve downloaded and burned the Ubuntu ISO image, or created a bootable USB stick, place the bootable media into your appropriate machine drive, reboot the machine and instruct the BIOS toInstalling Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader. Reboot Ubuntu System. I used 2 USB drives to accomplish this (all commands were used on the first drive, running Porteus, to install grub on the second drive), but this could also be accomplished from a linux OS running on a hard drive. So I install Ubuntu 16.

04 on the 50 Gb of free space, but I dont want it to replace windows bootloader, I want ubuntu boot GRUB to be installed on USB such that I can only boot to Ubuntu if I plug in the USB drive. Every time, the installer fails to launch with either a loop or a Kernel Panic. Ive tried both ubuntu server and lubuntu several times and remade the install USB at least once for each.Kernel panic immediately after grub when installing Ubuntu on a PC. A new Ubuntu user is more likely to encounter failed Grub installation error while installing Ubuntu.Boot from USB drive and run setup and GRUB will be installed normally. Also before installing Ubuntu you should make sure that it is the latest Ubuntu release. This page details the procedures for installing and reinstalling GRUB 2. The information applies to most versions of GRUB 2, but is specifically written for version 1.99. GRUB 1.99 is included on Ubuntu releases 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) and later. After installing Windows / Fedora your Ubuntu will not boot anymore and its grub may be wiped out. To restore it follow the steps below. To Reinstall Grub. You need to have Ubuntu Live CD or Live USB. Опубликовано в grub4dos, Ubuntu, Системное администрирование 06.12.2016 1958. Здесь рассмотрим процесс создания загрузочной флешки grub4dos для установки Ubuntu c iso образа.Подготовим меню grub4dos для загрузки ISO образа с usb флешки USB.In order to re-use the stick after installing Ubuntu, just format it completely (including MBR) using gparted in Ubuntu or Disk Management in Windows.Booting USB drives with grub2 and installing tar files One Button Installer If you installed Windows after the Linux, and now your grub is not showing only Window is booting. Just follow these simple commands you will get grub on your pc. First of all insert your live Linux or Ubuntu CD/USB stick and select option live run. The Ubuntu USB drive boots to a Grub2 terminal when connected to any other PC than the original install PC. The Ubuntu installation seems to have modified the internal C: drives mbr and somehow has become a requirement to boot Ubuntu. I suspect GRUB bootloader was not properly installed during Ubuntu installation for some reason. I would like to repair GRUB bootloader. How can I re- install GRUB bootloader on my Ubuntu? Restart computer,and select boot from Grub4Dos.Then select boot up Ubuntu in grub menu. Once login,use this command to install grub into mbrThis should work if you have upgraded to grub2 in ubuntu 8.10,but you need a ubuntu 9.10 livecd/dvd/usb for the second method. Sudo grub-install /dev/sdX. After booting and logging into your Ubuntu installation if that is even possible (as it seems from your question). However if its not possible to boot the OS you can use "Rescue a broken system" at the USB drives startup menu to install GRUB. If you cant access GRUB, youll need to repair it. You can use an Ubuntu installation disc or USB drive to do this.This is a step by step tutorial shows you how to install the real Ubuntu OS on USB stick to create a Windows To Go style USB drive. Note: This Grub2 USB Flash Drive Install tutorial assumes you will be running from an Ubuntu Live CD to create your Grub2 enabled Flash Drive. It may or may not work from another Linux operating environment. To get started, insert your Ubuntu USB into computer and boot up. When youre in, follow the steps below to reinstall grub 2: 1. Open Gparted Partition Editor from Unity Dash to check out which partition your Ubuntu/Linux Mint system installed. I have a windows 7 PC with only windows 7 installed currently and I intend to install Ubuntu 13.

10 to a ext4 partition on my hard drive and install grub2 to a USB flash drive. 7 things I want to know are. Seeing nothing but the grub rescue prompt? Did Windows mess up your Master Boot Record? Using Ubuntu, GRUB 2 got you down? Who needs Live CDs? This video Normally when you install Windows after installing Ubuntu, youre surely going to loose your Grub boot loader.Alternative process using chroot to repair Grub. First boot your live ubuntu CD/USB and choose try ubuntu from the list. If you have a full installation of Ubuntu in a 8GB or larger USB drive, See more at How do I install Ubuntu to a USB key? (without using Startup Disk Creator), then GRUB should be installed at the time of Ubuntu installation. Grub 2 typically gets overridden when you install Windows or another Operating System. To make Ubuntu control the boot process, you need Reinstall (Repair/Restore) Grub using a Ubuntu Live CD. Heres how I made a bootable USB with an installable copy of the Windows 7 64bit DVD and an Ubuntu ISO (in this example, the 11.10 64bit desktop iso). Using an 16G USB, which is all I had at hand my USB installed as /dev/sdc But I want to do this in Ubuntu AND use Ubuntus installation tools exclusively. I know I can cheat, after the fact, but thats not what Im looking for.the usb automounted and I then created a boot/grub folders mkdir -p /media/disk/boot/ grub and installed grub to usb, recognized as only hd by grub. Now, grub is booting in rescue mode. I cant do a damn thing. I cant boot from CD, use samsungs recovery option, or boot from USB.How do i go about installing Ubuntu from usb using Grub rescue mode? (once again, cant boot from usb. Just s. an USB key with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed on it, with /home and swap encrypted, that I could boot from any of my 2 Macs, by simply pressing and holding theAgain, select EFI Boot and press enter to boot again from the Ubuntu installer USB and get to the previous GRUB bootloader menu. To boot from a rescue media, select either the CD iso or the image for USB stick, most firmware offers the choice nowadays. If choosing the latter make sure to follow the instructions in the readme.apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi. You can also apply the how-tos on this website in Ubuntu 16.04 (not in older or10.5 With a USB memory stick. Introduction. 1. Grub, or the Grand Unified Bootloader, is the most common boot loader for Linux.This installs Grub. Note: definitely use copy/paste and do not type this command by hand! My goal is to just have a GRUB bootloader (without a Linux instalation) on a USB Flash Drive to: Boot OS with Bootloaders without entering the BIOS. Boot OS with Broken Boot Loaders. Boot Linux Live CDs. Installing the GRUB Boot Loader. Run a live CD like Ubuntu, a boot i without installing it. Ubuntu Installation :: No Grub Menu For OS On USB HD-GPT / Get That? Ubuntu Installation :: No GRUB Menu At All? Ubuntu Installation :: After Selecting " Install 10.10" In The Installer Menu Get The "unable To Find Medium Containing Live File System? In order to install Ubuntu to a portable external USB drive (either disk or stick) we may also use Virtual Box to install from a virtual environment.All of the steps to follow in the Ubuntu installer are identical except for installing the GRUB bootloader. Next, install GRUB2 to the USB devices MBR, and onto the new filesystem : arch debian fedora gparted grml ipxe knoppix linuxmint rhel sysrescd ubuntu to the root of the USB memory stick, instead of first having to create a new separate. Install Grub from chroot. December 21, 2010 by Igor Drobot 6 Comments.Very usefull, works for me. But with one notice: Cant be uses ANY Live CD/DVD/ USB. In my case, I have AMD64 (x8664) OS on PC and i386 (x86) Live USB ( Ubuntu 14.04). Grub Rescue - Complete Re-install of GRUB 2 from Live USB. Seeing nothing but the grub rescue prompt? Did Windows mess up your Master Boot Record? Using Ubuntu, GRUB 2 got you down? Who needs Live CDs? MyTetra Share - Делитесь знаниями! Знания должны принадлежать всем. I wanna install grub/grub2 on my empty hard disk drive. For that I boot my machine from ubuntu 10.04 Live OS and tried to install it but failed.Hi, Might be the following situations: 1st your BIOS is not looking for USB devices 2nd your bios for a device on USB, is your memory stick, you can not set the bios Grub 2 typically gets overridden when you install Windows or another Operating System.Mount the partition your Ubuntu Installation is on. If you are not sure which it is, launch GParted (included in the Live CD) and find out. Is it possible to install grub to a usb drive? I have a computer with xp, vista, and ubuntu on it. Currently the computer directly boots into xp and I want to keep it that way. install Linux distribution Download Ubuntu ISO image 1GB Create Ubuntu USB stick from ISO (in Windows for example with "ISO to USB").Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS Server. Fatal error, unable to Install Grub. [SOLUTION, results may vary]. i really need help. i want to live usbto install ubuntu 11.10 server 32bit/64bit and ubuntu server 12.04 32bit/64bit using grub4dos how to make it?i test it using booting from usb using plpbt.iso it seem error only for ubuntu server 11.10 32bit and ubuntu server 11.10 64bit and i have using the correct initrd.gz Installing Boot Repair on Ubuntu. Boot Repair is the most commonly used tool to fix errors regarding Grub boot loader. First of all arrange a Live CD/DVD/ USB for Ubuntu and boot your system using this media (If you are looking to repair Grub, chances are you are already on the stage where system

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