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See also- iMessage not working / waiting for activation iMessage.Bluetooth can be of the reasons why your iPhone wont stay connected to wifi network or wont connect at all because the Bluetooth can cause interference with Wi-Fi connections. Hello everyone I have a Iphone 5C with bluetooth problem, is actually stuck in a spinning pineweel, but in the menu it looks like is off. Wifi is working but now and then it looses reception and immediately it comes back. Replace your small old, scratched, worn out or damaged parts, like your iPhone 5c Wifi and bluetooth antenna flex cable and help make your iPhone work like its new again.Compatible with: iPhone 5c (will NOT work on Model 5 or 5s). iPhone 5 Bluetooth Not Working. A lot of users are reporting that their bluetooth devices are having issues working properly with the iPhone 5 (which has bluetooth 4.0 as opposed to bluetooth 2.1 which was what the iPhone 4 and 4s had). If your iPhone wont connect to Bluetooth devices or iPhone Bluetooth not working, dont worry since there are plentiful effective solutions you can use to fix this problem. Bluetooth issues are common on iPhones. Was working and just stopped in middle of playing a song over bluetooth to the car. Cannot even turn Wi-Fi on, as it is grayed out.I have this problem with my iphone 4s I believe its a Hardware problem what do you suggest i try first is it possible that the wifi antennae is out?? Hi Friend 1. My bluetooth not working and not connecting to other Devices 2. My wifi also not connecting .My iPhone 5 is overheaded while charging and the screen is black and is not working. What should i do? Part 1: 10 Tips to resolve Bluetooth not working on iPhone. Tip 1: Turn off/On Bluetooth.Wi-Fi router also sometimes create interference between your Bluetooth connections due to the matching of the spectrum. Step 1 : Pair the bluetooth or Wifi dongle and iPhone. Step 2 : Read the details through dongles.As David mentioned, on iOS you can use WiFi OBD interface only.

Standard Bluetooth (not BTLE) will not work. Bluetooth not working on iPad, but had worked before so something must have happened at an update.My iPhone 5c doing same thing time started falling back and then unable to activate Bluetooth also kicks me off wifi occasionally. You also need to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you want to share. Manual Iphone 5 Bluetooth Not Working With Macbook Air.Read: How to troubleshoot WiFi problems on a Mac.

iPhone, iPad SAMSUNG Logic Board Repairs Specialist Water Damaged Data Recovery and All Motherboard Micro Soldering Based In United Kingdom Since 2007.Description. WiFi/Bluetooth is not working? iPhone fingerprint not working. iPhone cant get mail. iPhone duplicate notes.6 Methods to Fix iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working. Method 1. Force Restart Your iPhone. Method 2. Turn off Bluetooth. Wi fi and bluetooth not working on iPhone 4s.DB:3.60:Hey Guys Please Help Me Out In Serious Need Wifi And Bluetooth Of My Iphone 4s Its Not Working Toggle Switch Of Both Are Showing Any Diplacement am. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are able to be used while your phone is in airplane mode.However, why should we know how to connect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is in Airplane Mode? Bring your Bluetooth device and your iPhone in range of each other. In order for Bluetooth technology to work properly, the two devices need to be close together no more than 30 feet apart is recommended.Next, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, if it is not already. So try connecting to the accessory with your Mac, PC or any other device, and see if it works fine.If you find out that the problem lies with your iPhone or iPad, here are a few solutions you could try: Turn off Bluetooth and Reboot. But our reader asks: How can I turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iPhone to make corresponding Control Center toggles transparent instead of being white. Just right the way they looked in iOS 11.1 before the December update. This is one of the popular process to get many iPhone problems solved, including iPhone Bluetooth not working issue and iPhone wont connect to WiFi problem. But you have to bear in mind this will erase all your Bluetooth device data on iPhone iPad. If you are stuck any Wi-Fi or internet problem like, find your iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi not working, unable to join network, iPhone/iPad not connecting to WiFi, Wi-Fi wont turn on, Wifi grayed out, etc read this guide to find solutions to fix them in minutes. Wi-Fi Keeps forgetting hidden network. iOS 11 WiFi turns on by itself. Some of these Wi-Fi problem are still existing in iOS 10/11, and you can tryHow to Troubleshoot iPhone Bluetooth Not Working After iOS Update2017-09-19. Top 14 iOS 10 / iOS 11 Issues You May Meet [with Solutions]2017-09-19. The latter is the more annoying option, although if youve got 3D Touch working for you, its slightly better.But it doesnt apply to iPhones and iPads running iOS 11. So, how do you turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off for good? In this article, Ill explain why your iPhones Wi-Fi is grayed out and the steps you can take to fix the Wi-Fi on your iPhone.The wifi button is greyed-out and does not work and Bluetooth will not work either (spinning wheel) Can you please help? If your iPhone 5S Wi-Fi is not working or giving you problems then it is surely very important for you to fix it in firstREAD MORE:- How To Repair Samsung SM-G313H Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems.Weak WIFI Signal WIFI Jumper Wifi Not Working Problem Wifi Problem Solution Wifi Ways. and whenever they want. iPhone 5s Wi-Fi is not working or giving you problems then it is surely very important for you to fix it in first place, asJust in case if you are not able to resolve your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem via above mentioned methods, then all you have to do is to follow the steps. For AirDrop, you need to have bluetooth and Wifi on, and simply turn on Airdrop on each device.in my case I got the same error message, but pairing/connecting wasnt working as I was using an iPhone 4s (and it needs 5 or later). Is Bluetooth not working in iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad?Best Bluetooth,wifi direct and local wifi Multiplayer Games For Android and iOS Hellow everyone brought you an another list this time I made like second part of my Bluetooth multiplayer games The Amazing as well as Gorgeous iphone bluetooth not working regarding Inspire The house Present Home Comfortable FantasyHousehold].This specific photograph (iPhone Bluetooth Not Working How to Fix iPhone Wifi Connectivity issues) earlier mentioned will be labelled using: bluetooth not Why Cant Connect WiFi And Bluetooth Of IPhone 4s. IPhone Not Connected To WiFi Neither To Bluetooth.IPhone 4s :: Ios 7.1.1 / WiFi And Bluetooth Are Not Working? Motorola Droid Bionic :: Get A Text Message When The Wifi Is Off,it Will Turn The Wifi On? Iphone 4 Wifi Not Working.Related: iphone 6 bluetooth charger, iphone h610 bluetooth headset, bluetooth stethoscope iphone, bluetooth watches iphone, bluetooth headphones for iphone 5, iphone bluetooth remote control. iPhone.In previous iterations of Control Center, both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles functioned as simple on / off switches.Heres what to do: once youre in Settings, select the Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) service and toggle the switch from there. Whether its your brand new iPhone 7 Plus or iPad Pro or your trusty old iPhone 5s or iPad Air, theres a lot you can do to troubleshoot before going to Apple or theOnce the old devices have been un-paired, try connecting again. If it works, awesome. If not, keep reading! Toggle Bluetooth.

WiFi and Bluetooth Antenna Cable for iPhone 5c. Use this replacement flex cable to repair a device and restore it to working condition. Wi-Fi not working on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9?Many users are complaining that they are facing WiFi problem on their iPhone and iPad running iOS 9. Here is some work-around to fix the glitch. I have iPhone 4s Along with faulty bluetooth. It does turn on however it doesnt connect Along with devices. It shows a message: Connection unsucessful previously I had it paired Along with iPad and handsfreePhone was dropped and it had broken glass and I have replaced it. Wifi works perfectly. Disabling WiFi and Bluetooth on your iPhone from the Control Center will not completely disable these services.How to Fix iMessage Not Working On iPhone. The reason behind iPhone WiFi switch not working.This includes the iPhones WiFi, Bluetooth, and baseband (EDGE, 3G) radios. Due to insufficient pre-release testing of iOS 6, WiFi radio chips on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and sometimes iPhone 5 running this firmware version may overheat. The iPhone 6 has a thickness of 6. 9 millimetres (0. 27 in), while the iPhone 6 Plus is 7. 1 mm (0. 28 in) in thickness both are thinner than the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, with the iPhone 6 being Apples thinnest phone to date.bluetooth and wifi not working iphone 6. How to Solve iPhone 5 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?If all the above method fails then gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC, if it is still not working then replace it. Now, the iPhone is powered up and running, but there is no WIFI or Bluetooth.I have tried overheating the iPhone with a hair drier twice now, as this is the proposed method to resurrect WIFi, but that didnt work. To be clear, turning off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in Control Center simply disconnects the iPhone or iPad from wi-fi or Bluetooth.And the wifi and bluetooth switches in iOS 11 seem to be a good example of this they were working very well in all previous ios versions, so there was no absolute need to (Please kindly note all saved Wifi passwords, Bluetooth pairing records, VPN as well as the APN settings will be removed after this setting).But if the Wifi signal works well, your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 still drops the Internet connection, you can try the following troubleshooting. Iphone 2g - erjyo.gaizk.work. " and pink cellular entries for iPhone 4 (CDMA) means that it is not 2 MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.iphone wont pair with bluetooth. iphone wifi and bluetooth not working. iPhone Wi-Fi connected but not working. Your Wi-Fi network on iPhone or iPad may refuse to work due to the above reasons. Weve talked about how to fix the iPhone charging issues, iPhone Bluetooth not working, iPhone touch screen problems, etc. Iphone 5c wifi Problem - Продолжительность: 2:00 bruno figueiredo 12 601 просмотр.samsung galaxy S4 - wifi and bluetooth not working - Продолжительность: 16:50 soslan doff 286 185 просмотров. The iPhone 5 is using Bluetooth 4.0 [1]. Using a device that has a newer version would not work unless it is backwards compatible for instance, if a device you are trying to connect was using Bluetooth 4.2 and needed Data Length Extension (it ma If you are a iPhone user, you may have encountered an issue of iPhone Bluetooth not working.(Note that after performing this method you will have to reconnect to all your WiFi network and Bluetooth device.) WIFI connection works well, and updated to ios 6.02. after one week, iphone 5 cant connect password-protected wifi, I tried reset iphone5, but useless and Bluetooth total not working so what is the use of iphone 5 only lost moneyGot my iPhone 5 for Christmas wi fi does not work on Verizon. Hello everyone I have a Iphone 5C with bluetooth problem, is actually stuck in a spinning pineweel, but in the menu it looks like is off. Wifi is working but now and then it looses reception and immediately it comes back. On my iPhone, my Instagram wasnt working and I found that my iPhone had weirdly disconnected from the WiFi, II was having same problem, my iphone 5 would not connect to WiFi. When I turned Bluetooth OFF it suddenly allowed me to enter my wifi password and Im connected to the WiFi now.

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