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Original grinding techniques of Klingspor Dimension: 75X2000 mm Grain: 100, Shape: F4G Typ: LS 309 x Content: 10 Stk Weight: 2.2 lbs Manufacturer: Klingspor Brand new DIY Tools. by Klingspor. Be the first to review this item. Read helpful customer reviews, product information and buyer ratings for Klingspor LS 309 XProduct Features. Original grinding technology from Kling spor. Typ: LS 309 x. Content: Pack of 10. LS 309 JF Rollen Korn 60 has the most developed technology produced by Klingspor. You can find the our current all product prices belongs to this brand. You can ask all the codes and references except this code too. Klingspor CS310 ALO Cloth Linishing Belts for sanding of metals and woods including hard woods.80. 400. JF. 100.

500. KLINGSPOR strips, sheets and discs are available in various qualities and designs. The abrasive mop wheel is particularly suitable for finishing where flexibility is a must.Abrasive cloth. LS 309 JF. Aluminium oxide grain. Tape join. Material Brand: KLINGSPOR. Made in Germany. Advantages High removal rate. NB150340240LS309JF. Quantity in stock. 6 item(s) available. Klingspors premium-quality products satisfy even the toughest standards in terms of surface finish, service life and machining performance.The cutting-off wheel has a very good price-performance ratio and is suitable for all standard commercial angle grinders. LS 309 JF.

Item specifics. Brand: Klingspor. EAN Klingspor LS 309 JF Slashed. Slashed Highly Flexible JF Weight. Wood. KLINGSPOR is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high-performance cutting-off wheels and grinding discs as well as high-quality coated abrasives.Abrasive cloth. LS 309 JF. Advantages. The most important aspect first. KLINGSPOR products are marked with the oSa label.LS 309 JF slashed. Al. oxide. Applications rolls with cloth backing. LS 309 JF.CS 311 YX oc ANTISTATIC. LS 312 JF. specially coated.multibond. LS 319 Superflex. 1. X-wt backing cloth, aluminum oxide 2. specially for flap wheel narrow belt 3. similar to LS309X from Klingspor. whole production line and technoloy from Peter Schwabe GmbH, Germany, best quality. 1) Code: TA115X. Description. KLINGSPOR. MM 650. 2486. brusn lamelov kotoue. PFE Technologies Pte Ltd provides abrasive belt and roll conversion for Klingspor abrasives. We can customize abrasive belts and rolls to your required specifications and dimensions All news Subscribe. Bestsellers. Klingspor Cloth Belts 12mm330mm. 2.10. Klingspor Velcro Disc 150mm - (80 - 500 grit). Klingspor LS 309 X. Abrasive Cloth Roll X Weight Backing.Klingspor KL 361 JF. High Quality, Highly Flexible. Stainless Steel, Steel, Metal, Wood. We can offer for LS 309 JF.Please Contact Us to Order to offer best price and delivery time for Klingspor - LS 309 JF Rollen Korn 80 model number, also you may ask some other model number is well. KlingsPor abrasive belts are available in various sizes and grades to meet all sanding and grinding requirements for a wide range of materials and applications. Product Showcase > Hardware, Tools Metal Products > Klingspor LS309 Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheel.Product Details. Model No.: AO Flap Wheel-309. Brand Name: Innovating. Klingspor LS309XH-80-10-105x620 105 x 620mm 80 Grit Abrasive Cloth for Portable Belt Sanders.Klingspor abrasive cloth - Band LS 312 JF, Wirkstoffbeschichtet Highly flexible, Wirkstoffbeschichtetes top product for stainless steel moulded Such as taps, fittings and surgical instruments Features: Bond Shaft-mounted Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheel. Product details: 1) Quality raw materials LS309X Aluminum Oxide Cloth from Klingspor. You may also download the Klingspor International Catalogue 2015 here (10mb download).LS 309 JF. Highly flexible abrasive cloth for highly profiled workpieces for the manufacture of fine surfaces in metal and wood working. Klingspor 2x72 Ls 309 J Flex Bizhosting -. Recent Posts. Abrasive Belt 100mm x 289mm. The Klingspor LS309J material abrasive belt is designed for processing slightly profiled or flat workpieces. babita tools. perfaqesues ekslusi i shume brendeve boterore si Bosch, Oleo Mac, Klingspor, Oregon tools, Einhell etj.LS 309 XH. Breite in mmLnge in mmArtikel-NummerBandverschluformKorn 60.0 400.0 4100 F5KL 361 JF. Breitein mm Lngein mm Artikel-Nummer Korn 80.0 50000.0 3900 80 Klingspor LS309 JF Abrasive Belts 50x1525mm. Availability: In stock. Price From: 1.33.Klingspor LS309JF. Pricing. Priced Per Belt, Sold in Packs of 10 Belts. 1 x Klingspor LS309XH Abrasive Cloth for Portable Belt Sanders - 75 x 533mm, 60 Grit (Pack of 10). Find your KLINGSPOR ROLL ABR 4X50 LS309 100J at Acklands-Grainger.Zoom Out/Reset: Put photo at full zoom then double click. ROLL ABR 4X50 LS309 100J. Related Products: Tag:Abrasive Cloth Ls309x 40 Klingspor,High Quality Abrasive Cloth,Abrasive Blet,Suzhou Wanpo Grinding Material Co. flap wheel made by the Klingspoe LS308X. [ Back to the List ]. Klingspor 2x72 LS 309 j flex. Aluminum Oxide j flex weight cotton backed resin bond. For use on all metals and hardwoods where belt conformability to the work piece is required. LS 309 JF Belts with cloth backing.LS 309 X Rolls with cloth backing. LS 309 XH Short belts for handheld machines. Manufacturer: Klingspor. Model: LS309x. Type of machine: 25 sharpening volumes 100 x 2025 mm K80. Description Description of Klingspor abrasive materials and their application: Rolls, paper. Ps 22 f act.LS 309 JF. Highly flexible abrasive cloth for strongly profiled workpieces, for a fine scratch pattern on metal. Klingspor Ls 309 Jf Abrasive Roll Pfe Technologies. Klingspor ls 309 jf. Highly flexible abrasive cloth for highly profiled workpieces for the manufacture of fine surfaces in metal and wood working. Aluminium oxide, close coating JF Cloth backing: light, flexible Applications: Metals, NF metals, wood. View All Klingspor Abrasive Belts. KLINGSPOR Schleifband LS 309 X, 100 x 1000 mm, 10 Stck, korn 80, 39679 Abteilung: Werkzeug Marke: Klingspor Modell: 39679 Hergestellt von: KLINGSPOR. With this catalogue, Klingspor makes it quick and easy to select the products you need from our wide range of top quality abrasives.Steel / Stainless steel. Type LS 309 J. Grain Al. oxide. Klingspor abrasive mop mm 650 Abrasive Mop With Holes and very flexible, longitudinal split fins Specially designed for the treatment Highly contoured parts used on hand-held And Stationary machines Features: Bond: Synthetic resin Grit type: Corundum KLINGSPOR produces endless abrasive belts and abrasive sleeves in a wide range of qualities, sizes and grits tailored to the many applications for which they are used. Minimum order quantities for items: Ps 22, ps 23, ls 309 X, ls 309 j, ls 309 jf, CS 310 X, CS 310 xf, CS 321 X, CS 341 X, CS 411 price klingspor ls 309 x: compare online dealers prices and deals klingspor ls 309 x and find best deals for Belts.Klingspor 38304 LS 309 X Sanding Belts 100 x 1000 mm, 60 Grit, Pack Of 10.

Advantages: universal strips for the work of metal and wood. Belts Klingspor abrasive belts are available in various sizes and grades to meet all sanding and grinding requirements for a wide range of materials and applications.Abrasive cloth. LS 309 JF. Properties. Bonding agent Resin. Section 5 Fire Fighting Measures 5.1 Extinguishing media Extinguishing media: water, foam, sand, powder or CO2 as appropriate for surrounding materials. Copyright KLINGSPOR 2016. Klingspor 2x72 Belts Bizhosting Image Gallery2x72-220 ls312jf aluminum oxide bklg272-0220-312 - 3 75Klingspor ls309 cloth sanding belts LS 309 X. X - cotton.Abrasive belts. Applications guide. The safe use of KLINGSPOR abrasives The products in this group are labelled with the appropriate safety pictograms in compliance with FEPA Klingspor. Fibre discs. Vieticles CS 561. Klingspor LS312JF 100mm x 2740mm Yellow Belts.Belt 50x1525 LS309JF. OUT OF STOCK In stock. High quality German made linishing belt.

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